Marina Green Photography
The Premier Boudoir Experience for EveryBody in Vancouver, WA and the Portland Metro area.


Marina Green: an edgy, modern, intimate and boudoir photographer based in Vancouver Washington.

Awards —

POP Awards PDX: “People's Choice Best Boudoir Photographer"- August 2018

POP Awards PDX: "Best Portrait Photographer” - November 2018

POP Awards PDX: "Best Theme Photographer" - November 2018

ProPhoto Supply 2018 Catch the Color, 3rd Place "Catch All" Category


Publications & Art Exhibits —

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2019

Kreativ Magazine - Dreams Spring 2018
Xpressions Magazine - Fetish #120     Voyage Dallas - Interview August 2018
WedVenture - Fall/Winter 2018
FetErotica - August 2018


About my work

 I say I specialized in boudoir and intimate photography, but the truth is that I specialize in holding space for people, to come as they are, and to be affirmed. I am so proud to say that I provide safe photographic services to members of the kink/BDSM community, LGBTQ people, body positive and sex positive communities— and anyone else who is seeking artistic photographic renditions of their amazing person and all that their body is capable of. In my work I am not timid about or intimidated by social rules.

A Favorite Self Portrait. 2017.

A Favorite Self Portrait. 2017.

 In my personal art I work to challenge social norms. I’m guided only by the belief that we all have the same intrinsic value, are worthy of respect and kindness, and that as humans we are inherently good. I desire that every individual and couple walk away from their photography experience feeling like a priceless sparkling diamond—unique in design, stunning in beauty and highly prized in value.

This talented lady has an eye like no other. That and an open mind and an open heart make one amazing photographer.

A Tiny Biography

Self Portrait. 2017

Self Portrait. 2017

I was born and raised in the PNW and grew up in a family who had passion for the arts. My mother exposed us to an endless amount of classical art including music, opera, literature, sculpture and various painters from around the world. My dad, on the other hand, had a passion for theater. Together the two of them filled our hearts and minds with a terrific amount of art, history and culture.

Self portrait. 2017

Self portrait. 2017

 As a college fledgling I studied digital arts, music and art welding, theology (well, ok, there might have been some pre-nursing and emergency medicine, as well), and while I enjoyed these subjects, I did not find my niche in any of them. It was not until I began to take Sociology classes that my passion began to bloom and I finished my undergraduate degree in Sociology, with a focus on Human Sexuality and Gender Studies.

 Shortly after graduating I turned to photography as a way to combine my love for people, my education, my desire to promote the beauty in people, both inside and out, and my passion for challenging tiresome and detrimental social norms. I believe that it is up to us, as individuals, and then as communities, to be the change that we want to see— for myself, for my children and for their children.


Self Portrait - Stonehenge replica, Marysville WA.

Self Portrait - Stonehenge replica, Marysville WA.

Holy moly Marina....these (photos) are stunning! Wow. Thank you for capturing our passion for each other. We had such a blast with you!

POP Awards Best Boudoir Photographer Award