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Fine Art Nude

While it could be said that Fine Art Nude images are the same as boudoir, I would argue that they are really two different things. Here are a few key differences between the two.

1) Fine art nudes are, just that, they are nude. There is greater continuity of skin and the lines of the image are not broken up by lingerie or clothing.

2) Fine art nudes generally tend to be less about sexuality and more about the consideration of the body as an artistic sculpture.

3) Fine art nudes are considered to be a classic art, where as the term “boudoir” is french for bedroom and is generally shot in a bedroom or other domestic setting.

If you are interested in a fine art nude session but are nervous about being completely nude, keep in mind, that nudity does not mean revealing genitalia. What is captured is completely up to your own the comfort and discretion, and will be specifically discussed prior to any shooting.